Vanilla Bean Bundt Cake

ImageSource:  Sweetapolita
Changes:  2 tbsp ground vanilla in place of the beans. Skipped the glaze and dusted with powdered sugar (out of laziness). Attempted to make it funfetti with 1/3 cup of sprinkles (see thoughts). Cooked for 50 minutes rather than an hour.
Thoughts:  First, the funfetti. After having previously failed at funfetti in the past (the sprinkles sunk), I tossed them with the flour before adding the flour to the mixer.  When they hit the wet ingredients, the colors ran. Thankfully, I was using a Valentine’s Day mix, so it just became a pink cake.  This batter was thick, so I believe that if I added the sprinkles at the very end and just barely incorporated them, I would have been fine.  Secondly, the cake came out dry and I think it was over cooked. The recipe calls for an hour. At 50 minutes I tested it and it was done and my thinking is that it was overdone.  The flavor was still good and the dryness was fixed by ice cream, but if (when) I make it again I will start my cook time at 40 minutes (or less) and see how it goes.


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