Homemade Everything Bagels


Source:  Chow.com
Changes:  As mentioned in the comments, I used 2 tsp of salt rather than 2 tbsp of salt.  For the topping I used a mix of sesame seeds, poppy seeds, dried minced onion and kosher salt.
Thoughts:  These came out well for a first attempt at bagels.  I cooked them for the suggested cook time and they were a bit over done. Next time, I will make the dough into 8, rather than 12, bagels since they were smaller than I’d like and cooked too quick. Other than being a bit too crusty, they had a good flavor and weren’t too difficult.

Update (3/3/2013):  Made again, measuring the flour in cups rather then weighing it, as I suspected my dough was a bit too sticky with the first batch and that make have been the reason why.  I made the dough into 8 bagels and cooked for 2 minutes less after turning the pan. Perfect!


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