Lemon Pound Cake


Source: Pam’s Midwest Kitchen
Changes:  It only took 5 lemons to get the total cup of lemon juice used in the cake and glaze, rather than 8.  I messed around quite about with the glaze because it wasn’t working out, though in the future I would just skip the glaze.
Thoughts:  Good and moist, very lemony.  Next time skip the glaze and dust with powdered sugar.


Jumbo Chocolate Chip Muffins


Source:  Sally’s Baking Addiction
Changes:  Chocolate Chips in place of blueberries, because it isn’t blueberry season yet.  I couldn’t find course sugar at the store, so I just went without, though I think it would be a great addition.
Thoughts:  The recipe calls for filled jumbo muffin cups yielding 6 muffins.  I assume my muffin cups are a bit bigger because filling them yielded 5 muffins. Next time I would fill a bit less and get 6.  Definitely a great base recipe for different add-ins an can be made in any size muffin tin.

Buffalo Chicken Salad

ImageSource:  Eating Well
Changes:  I just made the chicken with one large chicken breast and put it over our regular salad (lettuce, cucumbers, peppers, tomatoes, sugar snap peas). We used ranch instead of blue cheese dressing.
Thoughts:  Very easy and a great salad addition for some spice!

Healthy Oatmeal Cookies


Source: Sally’s Baking Addiction
Changes:  No raisinets.  I made a double batch and put raisins (1 cup) in half and milk chocolate Ghirardelli chips (half bag) in the other.
Thoughts:  Both the raisin and the chocolate chip versions were good, but they weren’t a traditional oatmeal cookie.  They were soft and had a strong molasses taste, which I liked, but wasn’t exactly what I was looking for.  Definitely a low-cal cookie I’d make again.

Lasagna Stuffed Portabellos

ImageSource: Annie’s Eats
Changes:  Used basil and oregano rather than italian seasoning.
Thoughts:  Very tasty.  These are definitely a good alternative for people who are gluten-free.  The portabellos were hard to clean out without breaking.  Next time, be sure to clean the tops before scraping out the gills.

Easy Pea Soup

ImageSource:  Nancy Creative
Changes:  I didn’t use ham or bacon in the actual recipe.  I changed around the cooking steps a bit.  First, in a tbsp of olive oil, I sauted the carrots, onion and celery with basil, thyme, kosher salt, and ground black pepper, then I added the peas and broth and after they were boiling I pureed the soup with a hand blender.  I added about 2 tbsp of worchestershire sauce and about a half tbsp of hot sauce.  Opted not to use the croutons, topped with feta and bacon bits, and served with toast.  When reheating the leftovers (half the recipe) I added about a half cup of water to loosen it up.
Thoughts:  Very flavorful for a simple, hearty, healthy soup.