Homemade Pasta


Source:  David Lebovitz and the KitchenAid manual
Changes:  Used all purpose flour, let rest for only 20 minutes before starting to make the pasta.  Because it was my first time making pasta, and it is a slow process, I had to cook the pasta a little longer as it had dried before I was ready to boil it.
Thoughts:  Fresh pasta is always outstanding! Paired with a zesty tomato sauce.


Chocolate Glazed Donuts


Source:  Buns in my Oven
Changes:  None.
Thoughts:  Like the other donuts, these were good, but baked donuts don’t exactly taste like “real” donuts.  Nice chocolate flavor though. The sweet glaze definitely added to it.

Vanilla Bean Baked Donuts with Strawberry Frosting


Source: Shugary Sweets
Changes:  Powdered vanilla bean (1 tbsp) in place of the scraped vanilla bean.
Thoughts:  Tasty, but not exactly donut like.  I really like the vanilla bean flavor with the strawberry.  My donut pan is MUCH smaller than theirs. I overfilled my pan as a result and still got 12 donuts.  I would bet it would be close to 18 donuts at the proper size.