Chicken with Garlic-Tomato Sauce

ImageSource:  Taste of Home
Changes:  None
Thoughts:  Super easy and delicious. Served over egg noodles!


Baked Falafel and Cucumber Sauce

Source: for the recipes and Cookie + Kate for the method
Changes:  Greek Yogurt in the sauce in place of regular.  Left out the coriander.
Thoughts:  By baking the falafel in cast iron, they were crisp on the outside with less added fat.  The cucumber sauce went very well with the falafel.  Great taste, though the recipe took longer than I thought it would.  In the future, I would use a food processor instead of a blender for the onion, parsley, and garlic.

Roll-Out Sugar Cookies and Frosting


Source: for both cookies and frosting
Changes:  The cookies needed more flour to be rolled out, and I had issues making the frosting the correct consistency.  I added more water, then more sugar, then more water, then more sugar, then more corn syrup (figured I had added enough of the other two ingredients to warrant it) until everything was finally the thick consistency I wanted.
Thoughts:  Other than the issues making the frosting, I really liked both of these recipes.  The frosting was easy to color with food coloring.  The dough for the cookies did not need to be refrigerated and that is always a plus.  I brought these to a cookout and they were devoured.