Why hello there!

Since 2011, it has been my resolution every year to make at least two new recipes each month.  I have traditionally just kept a personal list, but this year I expanded my resolution to take pictures of each new recipe as well. My intent was to pin them to a pinterest board, but I soon discovered uploading my own picture to a pin to be a pain, so I have created this blog.

At the start of 2013 I was the proud owner of 12 cookbooks that I almost never cook from, favoring instead to find recipes on a variety of different blogs.  This year I have resolved to cook two recipes from each cookbook. 12 cookbooks, 12 months, 2 new recipes per month; it all fits into my prior resolution!

So, here goes nothing!

Uncle Suzanne

PS Why Uncle Suzanne? You see, I have the greatest best friend in the entire world.  And she has the most adorable daughter in the entire world.  After she turned 2 and mastered saying my first name, she began to call me Uncle Suzanne.  And it was so cute that no one corrected her. So, it stuck.


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